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How it Works: Mini-Rally

How it works:

  1. With the permission of TeamStrange, their Uniform Rules are used as the basis for the Rules which shall apply to the Cape Fear 1000. The TeamStrange Uniform Rules have been modified for this rally.
  2. Each rider or two-up team will be assigned a rider number which will be on their rally pack and will receive a rally flag.
  3. The Mini-Rally will start and finish at the host motel in Wilmington, NC.
  4. The Rally Book will be emailed to the participants at approximately 6:00 p.m. on or before April 23, 2014. The rally book will contain exact bonus locations and the information necessary to successfully claim each bonus. The rally packs, which will include the rally flags will be distributed at the Rider's Meeting Saturday morning.
  5. Each rider/team will be required to: a) obtain a date/time stamped receipt between 5:50 a.m. & 6:10 a.m. Eastern Time which will be their official starting time (if receipt time is incorrect, standard rules apply about documenting the correct date/time, etc., we are not going to re-invent the wheel), and b) text the RM (details, including #'s will be provided in the rallybook) between 5:50 a.m. & 6:10 a.m. Eastern Time and report that they are ready to start and their starting time as stamped on the starting receipt.  The starting receipt must have date, time, location and the correct starting city shown on the receipt.  For the Mini-Rally your starting location is Wilmington, NC, and the receipt must show Wilmington, NC as the city, if it says Leland, NC, then it ain't Wilmington.
  6. The rider/team will have 10 hours from the starting time to reach the finish in Wilmington, NC prior to being considered a "DNF." This year there are no penalty points. If your starting receipt shows you started at 5:56 A.M. on April 26th , then you must be at the finish line by 3:56 P.M. on April 26th to avoid being time barred. If you have not crossed the finish line and checked in by 3:56 P.M. on the 26th, you will be considered a "DNF."
  7. Photo bonus locations will be involved in the Mini-Rally. In 2009, the Cape Fear 1000 Rally was one of the first rallies to no longer accept Polaroids. All photos must be in digital. Please read the rules carefully as they apply to digital photos as they have changed. YOU WILL TURN IN YOUR CAMERA'S MEMORY CARD AT SCORING AND ALL CARDS BECOME THE PROPERTY OF THE CAPE FEAR 1000 RALLY. MEMORY CARDS WILL NOT BE RETURNED.
  8. Unless they have already been scored, each rider/team will be required to place their rally book, photos, receipts and any other documentation required for scoring into a sealed envelope and deposit it with the designated member of the rally staff not later than 5:30 p.m. on the date of the rally. The designated staff member will call the remaining rider numbers in the order each packet was received as seats become available at a scoring table. If you do not come forward when your number is called, your packet will be placed at the end of the stack and the next rider number will be called.
  9. Miscellaneous Penalties:

If appropriate, the following penalties will be assessed at scoring:

  1. Starting receipt error (missing required information) - 2,500 point penalty.
  2. Improper/Invalid Starting receipt (time outside of starting window) - 50% penalty points.
  3. Improper/Invalid receipt (gas, purchase, etc.) - 1,500 points or value of bonus, whichever is lesser.
  4. Lost or missing receipt (gas, purchase, etc.) - 1,500 points or value of bonus, whichever is greater.
  5. Failure to call-in to Rallymaster without good cause in the event you know you will not finish or you know you will be late - Disqualification and Barred from future events hosted by the Coastal Carolina Rally Krewe.
  6. Other Penalties - Other situations which may arise will be addressed by the rallymaster in his sole discretion and the penalty imposed may range from a reduction in points to disqualification.